Microsoft Planning To Replace The Surface Brand With Lumia

Even by the most cautious of estimates, Microsoft have poured hundreds of millions into the Surface brand since 2012, in a bid to make the tablet lineup successful in the market.

The keywords here being, the Surface brand.

This is Redmond’s resident name for its line of hardware devices, and before the Nokia acquisition was complete there were talks of expanding the Surface family with everything from ultrabooks to gaming tablets and even smartphones.

Now, however, the company is planning some very big changes to its hardware business.

Information coming from evleaks suggests that the technology titan might replace the Surface brand with Lumia in the very near future. With the Nokia acquisition now complete, Microsoft now plans to uses these acquired assets in a much better way.

The idea is to develop a single platform for both the smartphone and tablets market, and the Lumia branding makes a world of sense in this aspect, at least better than labeling phones as Surface.

If this goes through, then the company is looking at a relaunch of its tablet business.

Obviously, this is just early speculation, and we have no official word from Microsoft in this regard. But it comes from a fairly reliable source, and there may be some truth to this.

Your say on this, folks? Ready for a Lumia tablet?

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