Windows 8 Loses Users, As Linux And Windows XP Gain Them

There is always something special about users that move to a retired platform, months after end of support. Such is the enduring popularity of Windows XP that it once again increased its market share.

As did Linux, by the way, lending credence to the talk that users and businesses are indeed evaluating their options when it comes to operating systems. The June 2014 statistics are in from Net Applications, and they paint a rather interesting picture.

It is not overly drastic, mind you, just something that confirms what many expected:



Windows 8, for instance, has lost users, and this resulted in a slight decrease in market share from the figures reported last month. That is, from the count of 6.29% in May to 5.93% in June.

Sure, one may make a case that some of these may have moved to Windows 8.1 or even Windows 7, but that is one way to put it. Another way of doing so is by taking a look at the corresponding figures for Windows XP and Linux.

The former actually gained a few more users last month, and is still the second most used operating system worldwide with a share of 25.31%.

While the latter also posted growth, with figures of 1.74% for this past month, compared to 1.62% in May. Which is a decent enough showing in the world of Linux, suggesting that at least some users are giving these open source alternatives a try.

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