Windows 7 Loses A Large Number Of Users On Steam

The market share data from PC gaming service Steam is a fairly stable indication of what operating systems users (or rather gamers) are using in any given month.

But this time around, there seems to be trouble in paradise.

Some surprising statistics provided by Steam for the month of June 2014 reveal that the world’s most popular operating system lost a fair amount of users. Some 1.12%, in fact, which is a rather large amount when you look at it.

The service reportedly had more than 75 million users in January 2014, a figure that undoubtedly has increased in these next six month. So we could hypothetically be looking at an amount nearer to a million that has stopped using Windows 7.

Even if it is half that, it is an outrageous amount of users moving away from the top OS.

While the 64-bit version of Windows 7 lost a lot of users, the same was the case with the 64-bit flavor of Windows 8, which posted a decline of 0.46% to end up at 8.01% overall.

Something definitely is at play here.

Luckily, most other versions of the Windows operating system posted positive numbers, including the 64-bit version of Windows 8.1, showing that gamers are now trying to upgrade to the newest OS.

Linux, by the way, is now powering 1.20% of the users on Steam, a figure that is set for a steep rise in the coming months and years, with the advent of Steam Machines.

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