New Surface Pro 3 Ads Showcase Its Best Features

You would not be wrong for suggesting that for what is probably the best tablet on the market right now, the Surface Pro 3, Microsoft is yet to create a really killer ad.

Something memorable — something that just makes people stop and notice. And share.

Apple, Google, and others might have a serious need for such commercials, but Redmond does, as the company continues to refine its marketing message for the Pro 3. We have had a couple of ads already, and now the company has released another two.

This newly released clip provides a concise overview of everything that is great about the device, and summarizes the most important features of this deluxe tablet.

The notion that this tablet can replace your laptop is high with this one, and this 88 second clip goes over everything — from the fourth generation Intel Core processors to the redesigned kickstand, the new Type Covers and, of course, Office 2013 capabilities.

A second video focuses on the Pen, and the associated convenience of OneNote and cloud integration.

In terms of the message it coveys, this 68 second ad it is all about the stylus, and usage with fingers is not shown. This could lead to confusion that the touch screen only works with the pen — which is, very obviously, not actually the case. The screen works great with hands.

Still, the ads are pretty good overall, and should highlight the best features of the Surface Pro 3, while we await that one really amazing ad.

Given their length, these probably are not heading to TV screens, but will surely be used on other media, including social, like Twitter and Facebook to promote this amazing little piece of hardware.

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