Surface Pro 3 WiFi Fix Reportedly Coming This Week

The secret is out, folks. Surface Pro 3 suffers from a similar widespread WiFi issue that plagued other tablets in the family. Luckily, Microsoft is on it, and is preparing a fix for this pesky little problem.

You can read up on the details here, with reports that some owners are returning their Surface Pro 3 tablets. It, obviously, does not help matters that the slate does not come with cellular connectivity built in, though the option of using USB dongles is always available.

Anyway, while Redmond has not talked about this in any official capacity right now, it appears that the company is cooking up a fix, and will release it alongside this month’s updates.

The July Patch Tuesday update cycle is scheduled for this week.

The Surface Pro 3, on the other hand, was officially unveiled on May 20, and shipment started towards the middle of June. Even though the top of the line model retailed for as much as $1,949, it appears that many decided to purchase the tablet.

Only to find this limited WiFi issue to rear its head that makes it impossible to browse the Internet after resuming from standby. A rather odd issue, but the positive here is that this appears to be a software problem in nature, as opposed to a hardware bug.

Here is hoping it is fixed soon.

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