Surface Pro 3 WiFi Fix Released By Microsoft

Word on the grapevine last week was that Microsoft was to preparing a fix for the Surface Pro 3 WiFi issue that has been bugging the tablet owners every time they woke up their slates from sleep.

In fact, judging by the comments, several users have reported this limited WiFi connectivity problem.

And just as the reports suggested, Microsoft released a bunch of updates for the new tablet late yesterday. The company has not actually detailed the Surface Pro 3 fixes, but the update history page for the tablet reveals that the firmware update for the month does bring a fix for the WiFi bug.

Going by the name of Wireless Network Controller and Bluetooth 15.68.3042.79 pack, this release comes with fixes that not only enhance system stability, reduce power consumption in low-power states, but also improve some Wi-Fi connection scenarios.

Sounds good enough — though we will have to wait for user feedback on whether this patch does indeed fix this rather irritating problem.

The software titan has further promised that another update will be released on Wednesday, July 16, which will further improve, what it calls, WiFi connection and throughput scenarios.

Which is to say that if these new firmware updates do not take care of the problem, the next update that address them might. Overall, good to see Redmond actively working to fix this problem.

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