Dell Believes That Windows Tablets Are Destined For Success

After the relative lull of past year or so, things have started to move hard and fast in the Windows tablet space. Microsoft have released the Surface Pro 3, and other vendors are cooking up their own solutions.

Even Intel is getting serious with the amazing Core M line of tablet processors.

Dell, however, was one of the first companies to jump into the Windows powered tablet market. The company has seen slow early adoption and flat sales up until now, but despite this, the company believes that these slates have terrific potential.

The company’s president of global sales and client solutions, David Schmoock, in a recent interview made it official that Dell is willing to invest more than ever before in tablets — at least in the enterprise side of the business.

Recent statistics provided by Strategy Analytics show that Android managed a 65.8% share of the tablet business in Q1 2014, and Apple came in second with 28.4%.

Windows tablets, however, came in with figures of 5.8%, and these are only set to grow.

But according to Schmoock, iPad and Android tablet buyers seek an extension of their smartphones when buying these devices. While those what opt for Windows tablets want an extension of their laptops and notebooks.

This, obviously, is exactly how Microsoft have positioned their Surface line of devices, and other partners are also promoting their solutions as laptop replacements.

Only a matter of time, then, eh?

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