We Are Going To Take The Fight To Google And Apple, Says Nadella

The new Microsoft CEO is slowly coming into his own. After bringing forward a completely new vision for the company in an open letter this week, Satya Nadella has fired off a war cry against competitors.

In a new interview he explained that he has already found a way to challenge the absolute domination from both Google and Apple, which is another way of saying that Steve Ballmer’s strategy of pushing Redmond towards a devices and services concept is no longer relevant.

This follows the email to Microsoft employees that Nadella sent yesterday, which is a long but interesting read, well worth the time.

And now talking to The Verge, Nadella said that the technology giant will deploy a few short term methods to increase its market share in the United States significantly.

But at the same time, consumers are not just consumers for Microsoft, and the company is trying to become part of their lives, in helping them find success with their daily activities:

“I fundamentally believe that it’s most important to us to convince consumers. You’re defining the market as ‘It’s already done, Apple and Google have won, because they won the consumer side.’ And I’m going to question that.

I’m going to say ‘No, any thinking consumer should consider Microsoft because guess what, you’re not just a consumer. You’re also going to go to work, you’re also going to be productive and we can do a better job for you in there.’ And that’s what I want to appeal to.”

The entire piece is a very good read, so hit up the link above for more insights from the Microsoft CEO.

At the same time, we await the series of changes that Satya Nadella has promised in the coming weeks, when the company conducts a couple of high profile events. Microsoft’s quarterly financial result are also expected later this month.

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