Microsoft Announces $99 Windows Tablets, $250 Notebooks

Redmond sure is on a roll. The magical figure of $99 for Windows powered tablets has now officially been confirmed by the company at the prestigious WPC 2014 event.

Chief operating officer Kevin Turner revealed at the Worldwide Partner Conference in Washington earlier today that the company is working with hardware vendors to bring very affordable slates to the market that could be sold for as low as $99.

Sure, they will not be produced by Microsoft, but the technology titan said that several partners in China are readying such tablets that would be available at these affordable prices.

Additionally, he also confirmed that Redmond is working with other companies to launch notebooks that would be priced at around $250, running Windows 8.1.

This probably ties into the rumor that Microsoft is making Windows licensing free for devices that are under the $250 mark. And although no other details have been provided, the Microsoft COO explained that launch of these budget devices could take place this fall.

Which means, just before the holiday shopping season.

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