The Secret Behind Google’s Success Is Marketing, Quips Nadella

The prestigious Worldwide Partner Conference 2014 kicked off yesterday in Washington, and in case you have been wondering, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella did not take part in the event.

Instead he attended Fortune’s Brainstorm Tech Conference to highlight the efforts Microsoft is making in key areas, including research. He will take the stage at WPC on Wednesday, but before that he shared his thoughts on an immediate competitor.

As reported here, Nadella, when asked by an attendee why Google’s project get so much attention in the media while Microsoft also invests in research very aggressively, the CEO had a witty answer:

“Look, it’s always good to learn from others who have done a better job of marketing themselves.”

The room, obviously, erupted in laughter, so much so that Nadella couldn’t even complete his answer.

He did, however, explain that Microsoft invests in research projects to open up new opportunities inside the company, not necessarily to make headlines. Case in point the in-memory database business that Microsoft has created, which is now leading a $6 billion industry.

Ultimately, marketing is still an important facet in this day and age — and more headlines never hurt anybody, particularly when they pertain to some new technological innovations.

As Google has so aptly demonstrated until now.

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