Lenovo Says American Users Not Interested In Small Windows Tablets

One of Microsoft’s leading hardware partners, Lenovo, has announced that it will be ending sales of its small tablet lineup in the United States, the reason being lack of demand for such models.

Instead, the company will redirect its inventory of smaller slates to markets that have a much stronger demand for these devices. The company was selling two different models in the country — the ThinkPad 8 and Miix 2, both of which featured 8-inch displays.

Needless to say, sales have so far been well below expectations.

A Lenovo spokesperson, Raymond Gorman, said in a statement that the company was seeing stronger interest in large screen sizes for Windows tablets in North America, and has been pleased with the demand for the ThinkPad 10.

The smaller models, henceforth, are no longer part of its local offering.

Surprising news for Microsoft, one may say, as the technology titan was encouraging hardware vendors to build smaller tablets running its modern operating platform. There are no licensing costs for tablets with screens smaller than 9 inches.

The plan was to compete with Android in this domain, but it appears that these devices have a much brighter future in other parts of the globe.

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