Microsoft Explains Stance On Data Privacy And Release Of Information

More politics. Technology companies have not been shy about letting out aggressive remarks against illegal procurement of data by government agencies, but Microsoft has taken the offensive to another level altogether.

And there are varying reasons for this — the software titan has been accused of allowing government agencies access to data at their will, some have questioned the security of its products.

While others have outright started banning Microsoft solutions outright, or initiated plans to move away from the Windows platform. Needless to say, Redmond is aware that it needs to protect its brands like Windows, Office, Azure and more.

Now we have another such round of convincing the general public (and corporations) that their data is safe, and that Microsoft pushes back any request to access customer information.

Redmond’s top lawyer, Brad Smith, has been conducting interviews on this topic, and providing details on why the company is opposed to government requests to such data.

You can watch the video at the link above, even though it is practically, more of the same.

And as mentioned above, this is just another stop for Microsoft. Expect the company to continuing bringing attention to this pressing matter unless some new laws are not put into effect.

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