Robert Scoble: Microsoft Should Give Up Windows Phone, Go Android

Remember Robert Scoble? The former Microsoft employee that fires off a controversial statement once a year? He talks deep, though admittedly a lot of his comments make sense.

Some do not — like this one.

The guy spent three years as a technology evangelist for Windows before leaving Redmond in 2006 to focus on other projects. Currently he is the Startup Liaison Officer at Rackspace, after joining the company in 2009.

Scoble, obviously, keeps in touch with the technology world in general, and Microsoft in particular. And in an explosive new interview, he shared his advice on Windows Phone:

“That train has sailed. The real answer is: give up Windows Phone, go Android, and embrace and extend like you did with the internet. But they don’t listen to me.”

No wonder!

Windows Phone may be slow to build up momentum, and there may be a million reasons for it, but the mobile platform is growing. Slowly, yet steadily. Android may soon have an 80% share, but it does not take long for the market to shift.

And besides, Microsoft is only just getting serious about the enterprise side of things.

The rest of his interview is about the company culture at Redmond, how it is a big company, and how that affects decision making. Scoble also talks about the lack of apps for the Windows Phone platform, and how to increase developer interest.

It is a good read, this interview, so give it a scan, and then leave your thoughts below.

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