Windows Phone US Market Share Increases To 3.4%

Enough with the single digit figures, already! One can still term this as a positive showing, as Windows Phone remains one of few major mobile operating systems that is increasing its market share.

But it is the sluggish pace that is the real concern here. More so at home turf.

Windows Phone seems to have built up a solid presence in Europe and a few other developing countries across the globe, but its market share in the key United States market is going up very slowly. And has been for quite some time.

The latest figures from comScore are in, and they point to a slight increase for Microsoft’s platform in the United States, while Android, BlackBerry and Symbian, all dropped by a shade.

Apple came in as the top smartphone manufacturer in the country, with an OEM market share of 42.1%. Android, on the other hand, remained the number one OS, with a 51.9% share.

Since March 2014, the US smartphone market surged by around 4% to 173 million users.

Windows Phone came in at 3.4%, up from 3.3% back in March, so the platform only gained 0.1% overall, which translates to roughly 136,000 new Windows Phone users in the United States — abysmal, some may say, for a three month period.

But then again, few new handsets were launched in the wait for Windows Phone 8.1.

With the slew of new Windows Phone smartphones that are making their way to the market, one can make a case that the mobile operating system will post much better numbers in the next few quarters. Microsoft really needs to get to that 10% figure. Fast.

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