Windows 8.1 August Update Bug Keeps The Taskbar Always On Top

Here’s an unexpected surprise! Microsoft started shipping the newest refresh of its latest operating system, in the form of Windows 8.1 August Update, but it appears a bug slipped in.

Nothing that nasty, but this bug simply makes the taskbar persistent across all apps — in the process disabling its default behavior that allowed it to automatically hide when running Metro UI applications. This makes it rather difficult to access specific options of these Modern apps.

This issue was first reported here, and several users have confirmed this problem since.

Interestingly, not all installations are affected by this bug. Users that have deployed this new update on computers and laptops, even Surface tablets have nothing to report, which probably means that it might take a little extra while for Microsoft to pinpoint and fix this issue.

But there is no doubt that the issue does exist.

Microsoft, for better or for worse, has not talked all that much about the Windows 8.1 August Update, which is not all that surprising when you consider that this refresh does not bring all that many features.

In any case, the company will probably address this issue in a statement soon.

What about you fine folks? Have you encountered this pesky little problem on your devices (computers or tablets) after installing Windows 8.1 August Update? Or is the coast all clear for you?

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