Windows Phone Q2 Market Share Drops To Just 2.5%, IDC

IDC have just released their newest figures revealing the worldwide shipments of smartphones by operating systems for Q2 2014, and Windows Phone suffered both a dip in shipments and drop in market share.

In other words, nothing too surprising.

Android and iOS both continue to dominate the market, even as smartphone shipments passed the 300 million units mark this quarter to end up at 301.3 million handsets.

This makes for an impressive 25.3% increase from last year.


The news is less impressive for the Windows Phone platform, though, which dropped from 3.4% last year to 2.5% this. Corresponding count for the number of devices came in at 8.2 million last year, and only 7.4 million units this year.

BlackBerry, however, is almost out of the picture with a 78% decline, resulting in 1.9 million unit shipments, down from the 2.9 million for the same period last year.

These new developments mean that Android and iOS now command an overwhelming 96% of the smartphone market. Google’s operating system, in particular, now has 84.7% of the market to its name and has shipped 255.3 million units to the 35.2 million that Apple’s platform managed.

Much to ponder for Microsoft, even with new hardware partnerships.

Much to ponder.

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