Munich Switching Back To Windows After Linux Disappointment

Rewind the clock back to 2004, if you will, when the city of Munich decided to renounce the Windows platform and replaced it with Linux. City officials cited a number of reasons for this switch.

The most important of these being the perception that the open source operating system would be cheaper than, what they called, the expensive Microsoft solution. This radical change resulted in several other city councils switching allegiances — though most still remained Windows only.

Fast forward some ten odd years, and Munich is back with the expensive option.

It is being reported that city officials are now switching back to Windows after realizing that Linux was not all that effective an option for their needs.

After looking into productivity figures of the local departments, the city of Munich acknowledged that employees have experienced issues with Linux. These issue were not present before 2004 when Windows was powering all computers.

LiMux was the open source variant of Linux that Munich authorities had installed three years back on around 9,000 PCs. It is safe to assume that the number of installations have now grown.

In any case, city officials are also citing the overall costs of maintaining the Linux platform and keeping it running. So in essence, productivity is not the only thing they suffered.

Pretty big coup for Microsoft, don’t you think?

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