Russia On Track To Move Away From Microsoft Software

And the government is showing no signs of slowing down from blacklisting computing technology from American companies. Microsoft software, of course, included.

Idiosyncratic times, dead ahead.

This is not the first time we are hearing about Russia putting into motion plans to develop its own software industry, but country officials are now fully prepared to move away from foreign products in order to invest more into local companies in the country.

A local newspaper cites communications and mass media minister Nikolai Nikiforov as saying that Russia is concentrating on attaining complete sovereignty of information.

Plans are underway to create an entire industry of software that can replace imported pieces of code, which means that large technology companies like Microsoft and Oracle are destined to be affected. In no small capacity, at that.

While moving away from a platform (such as Windows here) is possible, it is something that takes years and years of efforts. And a dedicated army of skilled programmers and IT workers.

The problem with Russia, then?

Local IT education is not as developed in the country as required, so Russia is ready to look overseas and might hire programmers from other countries to put into action this strategy of moving away from US based software. All said and done, this process will take around 10 years, officials believe.

Paradoxical times, dead ahead, too.

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