A New Version Of Windows Phone Could Be Announced Next Month

Microsoft is moving ahead with a merger of its ARM based platforms, and it appears that a new version of Windows Phone could be here sooner rather than later.

Chances are that the company will present it on September 30.

Although Windows 9 is expectedly the primary agenda for this press event, sources claim that the company has bigger plans for the day right after unveiling the new operating system — as in announcing a new version of Windows Phone.

The software titan might share more details about the unified Windows Phone and Windows RT platform, along with some pointers on what sort of features to expect.

Microsoft have taken a number of steps towards this merger in the past few months.

Windows and Windows Phone universal applications are now a reality, and available on their respective app stores. In fact, this leaked slide even hinted at a universal store concept, which could also be unveiled next month.

Analyst, however, are sure that a large app ecosystem is Redmond’s best bet to make steady, long term progress with its mobile operating platform. This merger could not come soon enough.

What are your expectations from this merge, and the new version of Windows Phone that is likely to be unveiled on September 30? Sound off in the comments.

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