30 Days with Surface Pro 3: Day 1

It’s time to officially kick off the 30 Days with Surface Pro 3 series.

I conducted a similar series of posts–immersing myself in the experience for 30 days–with the original Surface Pro. I never did get around to revisiting the concept with the Surface Pro 2–although it was a much better device than the original in many ways. The Surface Pro 3, however, raises the bar significantly. Microsoft isn’t kidding when it calls this “The tablet that can replace your laptop.”

There are a wide variety of factors to consider when trying to decide if the Surface Pro 3 is right for you, not the least of which is its cost. So, let’s spend 30 days taking a very close look the Surface Pro 3–its features and capabilities, and its pros and cons–and find out whether it’s worth the money, and if it’s the right device for you.

This is also a bit of a group effort. If you have used a Surface Pro 3–or even one of the other Surface Pro models–and there are certain things you love or hate about it, please comment and share your thoughts. If you have questions or concerns about the Surface Pro 3, or there are specific things you’re hoping I will explore in more detail, comment below and let me know. Your participation will make this 30 Days series more valuable for all of us.

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