LCD Sales Also Up Thanks To Windows XP Retirement

Well, what do you know!? Probably the last technology item anyone expected to pick up in sales due to the Windows XP retirement is those good old monitors and display screens.

You know, the LCD screens (and in some cases those fat CRT displays).

The world is increasingly going mobile — smartphones, tablets and notebooks, ultrabooks, laptops, even hybrids, convertibles and all-in-ones. The common factor between these devices? All come with displays built in, meaning there is no need to purchase a separate LCD monitor.

Or use an old one for that matter, the one that was being used with Windows XP, for instance.

And this increase in demand, along with the rise of Chromebooks, means that there has been a significant increase in shipment of LCD displays. According to the quarterly shipment report of large area TFT panels from NPD Displaywatch, that is.

Still, the manufacturers are taking a cautious, watch-and-see approach to this. Despite this notable an increase, they don’t think the retirement of Windows XP will positively affect shipments long term.

But hey, no harm in living and enjoying the moment. Sometimes.

The grass is green for the time being.

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