Patents Reveal New Fitness Features For Microsoft Smartwatch

Underwhelmed with what the Apple Watch offers? Then maybe you’ll be interested in what Redmond is planning. A Microsoft smartwatch has been in the news for years now.

All rumors, mind you, nothing whatsoever officially confirmed.

But some new patents that have recently been unearthed show that Microsoft is picking up speed when it comes to development work on its first wearable. The feature lineup includes several sensors for monitoring all manners of physical activities, along with automatic detection of exercises.

This report talks about three different patents that were filed today, all relating to fitness management.

And according to the details, the new smartwatch will be able to automatically recognize the type of exercise you are doing — thanks to the total of 10 different sensors that collect all sorts of data, which is then displayed at the end of a session.

Microsoft actually calls this a personal training with physical activity monitoring service that can segment and recognize the type of exercises automatically.

Scary and awesome at the same time!

Previous rumors hinted that the Microsoft smartwatch will come with cross platform support, along with a rather unique design, with the display placed on the inside of the wrist.

I guess if you are doing something really good, then you might as well do something different.

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