Russia Purchased Just 7 Windows Licenses Between July And August

Talk about unyielding intentions! Russia, along with China, is one of the few countries that is slowly shifting away from Microsoft software, at least on government PCs.

As a result, the country has placed fewer orders for Windows and other such products. Surely, Russia would needs years to completely move away Microsoft platforms, but it appears that the country is really serious about reducing dependency on foreign software.

You can even tie this to the growing tensions between the country and the west — the sanctions imposed by the US and other European states have a fair bit to do with this.

But according to this report by ITAR-TASS, the country only placed 7 orders for Windows in the July to August period this year. This is down from the 31 orders that Russian departments placed during the same period last year.

The news agency quotes AETP:

“The fall in the volume of state orders of Windows operating systems may be linked to the aggravation of relations between Russia and the West. We would like to remind that Russia’s Communications and Mass Media Ministry is studying an option to completely substitute software imports in the coming five to seven years.”

Never a good sight when politics and technology mix this way, but there you have it!

Although it will take Russia the better part of a decade to complete this transition, from Windows to a custom variant of Linux, things are moving at a brisk pace.

Both in Russia and China.

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