Surface 3 Only A Matter Of Time, Microsoft Clearing Stock

We are fast approaching the time when Microsoft might launch some new Surface tablets. Word on the street is that the Surface 3 is being readied for release in the coming months.

Talking about the Windows RT powered model here, obviously.

The direct successor to the well-received Surface 2 that launched last year.

Redmond has launched an RT and Pro model in each generation of Surface slates. And the company seemingly wants to continue it this time around too. With the Surface Pro 3 launching earlier this year, it is now time for the Surface 3.

And as this report notes, the 64GB variant of the Surface 2 is no longer available on the Microsoft Store website. Which, by some counts, is an indication that the company is clearing out inventories to make room for the new model. Or models, what have you.

Nothing’s stopping the company from launching a 12-inch Surface 3, along with the standard 10-inch model that is widely (and vividly) expected.

Now normally, this thin an evidence is not enough to give a final verdict, but Microsoft sales staff apparently confirmed that new Surface 2 units might not be back in store:

“I do not know when the Surface 2 64 GB will be back in stock. In all honesty, I don’t believe those will be available again through our website. Microsoft is trying to sell out of those devices and focus on the new version of Surfaces.”

Bring them on!

While a declaration like this could potentially be an indication that the Surface Mini is back in business, it is probably a wild guess at the moment, unless we hear something solid on this front.

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