Second Round Of Microsoft Layoffs Set For This Week

Redmond is on track to announce its second round of job cuts this week, on September 18 to be precise. These Microsoft layoffs are part of the gigantic cut of 18,000 that were made official this summer.

That announcement back in July sent shockwaves across the technology domain.

Microsoft, at that time, confirmed that this total job cut would cost them anywhere to the tune of $1.1 billion to up to $1.6 billion to complete. The software titan, hence, outlined the strategy of moving in phases, and now the second wave is here.

Although the company has not released a statement on this, but Mary Jo Foley is in on the act, and her inside sources are claiming that an announcement could be here on Thursday.

Layoffs are an uneasy business for all parties involved, and no wonder Redmond has opted to remain silent on the matter. In any case, the next couple of days are going to be interestingly infuriating for the Microsoft workforce.

Just for the record, 12,500 of the total count are former Nokia employees, but Microsoft is also laying people off internally, some 5,500 of them.

We’ll just wait and see what September 18 brings around.

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