Slow WiFi Downloads Issue Now Hits The Surface Pro 3

This really is getting old rather fast now. Admittedly, wireless connectivity issues are one of the hardest ones to fix, but the Surface Pro 3 WiFi problem has taken another turn now.

For the worse, if you can imagine.

It is being reported that the WiFi speed is now affected on the Surface Pro 3 after applying the latest firmware update that the software titan released as part of this month’s Update Tuesday cycle.

What’s worse, the limited connectivity issue was not completely fixed, as was the initial impression.

Microsoft’s Community forums are now filled with threads and posts complaining of painfully slow downloads on some tablets. And it appears that the root of this new problem is the new WiFi adapter driver that Redmond rolled out this month.

Several users got hit by this issue after installing the new version:

“I’ve checked some of the posts and it seems there are some wifi issues. From, I have downloads speeds of 12mbps, while my friends windows 8 computers have around 40. Also, for some reason, my upload speed on is 75mpbs, so I don’t understand why downloading is so much slower than uploading.

I’ve installed all the firmware updates, most recently one just a couple of days ago that seemed to fixed my upload speed from 12–>75. Any reason why download speed is so slow? In practice it’s even slower than 12mpbs, I was downloading a 400MB for 20 minutes.”

There are claims that the problem lies with the 2.4GHz band, and this impacts the Surface Pro 3.

But Microsoft is yet to release an official statement on this, or on the prevailing limited WiFi connectivity bug that has affected the Pro 3 since launch, as it did the older models in the lineup, including the Surface RT and the original Surface Pro.

For now, we wait.

And it’s going to be a slow wait for some, those that have a lot to download.

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