Windows 8.1 App Watch: Twixel

Amazon recently completed the purchase of Twitch, and while we await official clients for Microsoft’s platforms, apps like Twixel will do the job for now, for the live streaming service for video games.

This is an app that brings all of the streams available on the site to the Modern UI.

Featured stream and the most popular games (based on how many users are watching) are available on the front page. Clicking on a game displays all the streams for that particular title that you can tune into with another click — or tap for that matter.

Brace for the shortest official description ever:

“An unofficial Twitch client.”

Search is built into the app, and you can search Twitch for other games or streams that may interest you. That pretty much rounds up the feature set of this app. In terms of design, you do get a clean, modern user interface that is optimized for touch based usage.

Though not exactly the best unofficial Twitch client available on the Windows Store, this free app is nevertheless another good addition.

Hopefully more features are regularly added in via updates. But as it stands, Twixel is another good option for video game fans and those of you addicted to video game live streaming. Works on all modern versions of Windows 8, x86, x64 and ARM.

Click here to check out Twixel on the Windows Store.

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