Microsoft Office 16 Brings Back Clippy, They Say

Microsoft Office is, for all intents and purposes, the company’s biggest breadwinner. Office 16, it is now being said, is the new version of the productivity suite that is in development.

And it comes with a lot of welcome changes, as this new report details.

Previously, flying under the codename of Gemini, The Verge is claiming that this next version of Office brings back the famous Clippy assistant that lends you hand every time you are trying to perform some specific actions.

Clippy was part of the older versions of Office, as were some other such zany characters, but they were removed in newer version, as Microsoft opted for detailed documentation instead.

But this could change as soon as the next release of the office productivity suite. And well, it could also pave way for Cortana integration in the future.

Another equally interesting improvement coming to Office 16 is that it will come with a dark theme. This nighttime shade was to be a part of Office 2013, before Microsoft decided against it. But you will soon be able to select a UI like the one shown in the screenshots below:

The Office ribbon, however, will continue to be offered.

Redmond is also preparing some small improvements like allowing Office to automatically detect camera orientation and place a photo in the correct position. A few enhancements to the Outlook email clients are also on the card.

This report is still classified as a rumor, so don’t take it for granted.

Microsoft is yet to officially announce Office 16 in any capacity, but the software titan could do so later this year, along with unveiling the touch optimized flavor of the productivity suite.

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