This Microsoft Smartwatch Concept Is The Best Yet

Amazing as it may sound but the Apple Watch has been greeted with low key reception. Then again, it’s not exactly out now. A Microsoft smartwatch, however, has been in the news for nearly as long.

And since Redmond aims to make it multiplatform, the interest seems a tad higher.

Although Microsoft is yet to overly detail its expansion into the wearables industry, a number of sources have apparently taken the Microsoft smartwatch for a spin, reporting favorably on this mysterious piece of hardware.

At the same time, concept designers have been crafting their own creations, trying to showcase how a device like this might look and perform.

A few have already made their way to the web, but this latest one is a particularly well designed piece that shows how a version of Windows could be tweaked for use on smaller screens.

As the designer explains:

“The new Microsoft Smartwatch comes with the new Windows Wear 8.1 experience, so the things that matter most are always with you. Exclusive Live Tiles keep you to speed with what’s happening in your world.”

Android Wear works, but Windows Wear is an absolutely perfect name for this flavor of Microsoft’s operating system. Fat chance the company will call it this, though.

Anyway, take a look at the gallery below:

As you can see, the concept envisions a smartwatch that is powered by Windows 8.1 (the big question is, why not Windows 9?), and borrows several elements from the desktop operating system, including its colorful design and Live Tiles.

As far as the hardware is concerned, a 1.45-inch screen with a dual-core processor is envisioned, while standard features like apps and Cortana also make the cut.

A word about the price. The concept designer believes that Microsoft might launch this smartwatch at an affordable point of $250, which is not far from the figures others have thrown around previously. We’ll just have to wait a while to get the official lowdown, but a design like this works for me.

And you?

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