Apple Is Still Using Windows XP In Its iPhone 6 Lab

The longevity of an operating system like Windows XP can be gauged by several facts, including if your immediate competitor is still using it. Even after end of support.

I’m sure Apple has taken the necessary precautions, including turning off the Internet connectivity in the computer above, but the thing is, this is industrial use of sorts — it is not always easy to port custom software that is written for Windows XP to newer versions of the operating system.

Not always easy.

Anyway, you may be aware of the recent drama regarding the iPhone 6 Plus where some users have reported that the device bends during normal usage.

Apple let one reporter into their labs to show the world how rigorously their phones are tested before a design is approved. And as the image above shows, Windows XP is very much a part of these quality control procedures.


To be honest, it is probably the pressure testing machine that requires a specific set of drivers and instructions, and it comes as no surprise that these require the recently retired version of Windows to run. Windows XP is still heavily used in the industrial and educational sectors.

Besides, as mentioned above, most manufacturing equipment is rarely connected to the Internet, which is a large part of where the threats for Windows XP come from.

If it ain’t broke, and all that.

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