These Cortana Vs Siri Ads Are Running A Bit Thin Now

Apple is currently under fire on a few fronts including iOS 8 and the iPhone 6, but Microsoft is continuing the assault with new Cortana vs Siri ads. Two new ones, this time.

The only problem is that have stopped being funny.

Redmond released a bunch of Cortana vs Siri commercials in the last couple of months, in order to highlight the differences between the two digital voice assistants — and differences there were, with Cortana cleverly trumping Apple Siri in terms of features and usability.

These two new ads are now airing on television screens across the United States.

One is titled “Remind Me”, and the other goes by the name of “Lost”, and they show how Cortana notifies users of driving times for an appointment in the calendar, and how it alerts you to do a certain thing when a particular person calls you.

Take a look at the first video here:

And the second clip is here:

Short and perky clips that they are, they are bound to make people smile. But hilarious they are not, particularly for people that have already seen the previous commercials in this series.

Siri, for all the innovation it brought at launch, is pretty basic now when it comes to integration with the OS and applications. Microsoft would do well to start focusing on something else now — maybe bring in the iPhone 6 into the picture.

That should provide the company with some new material, new settings.

What do you folks think?

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