Microsoft’s Chromebook Assault Starts To Stumble

Stumble is usually a word people don’t want to hear, but it appears that Microsoft’s Chromebook assault is not going according to plan. And we can thank the hardware partners for it.

Basically, these companies have their own idea about what works and what not.

You may recall that Redmond officially took on Chromebooks in the waning months of summer. It was a welcome and wanted strategy, some would say overdue, keeping in mind the rather impressive success that these Chrome OS powered devices were having.

As of right now, they are still on track for a 100% year-on-year growth.

However, Redmond’s plan seems to have been hijacked by brand vendors. So much so that the company is said to be preparing a follow-up solution, which is on track to be made official February 2015.

We only have this report from DigiTimes to go by for now, but Microsoft wants to limit this new solution to only 14-inch models — and only those that are launching in mature markets. This is an attempt to safeguard the profits of its hardware partners.

In emerging markets, though, these companies will be allowed to release 15-inch models.

The important thing is that Microsoft was expecting a bit of an avalanche of devices powered by Windows 8.1 with Bing, and although a number of notable models have been announced, things have somewhat dried up when it comes to more hardware.

Bingbooks, as they are now known, may still put up a fight, potentially speaking, but if the lack of support from brand vendors keeps up, it may be a fair while before they actually impact Chromebooks.


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