Cortana The Highlight In This Windows Watch Concept

Windows Watch Concept Cortana

Another new week, another new concept. This time we have a Windows watch concept that brings Cortana, the digital voice assistant on your wrists.

Goes without saying that if Microsoft ever launches a smartwatch, Cortana is going to be left, right and center of that wearable device — it just has to be. Anyway, Redmond is believed to be very close to unveiling its smartwatch. In the next few weeks, according to some.

But that’s not stopping designers from cooking up their own concepts, in many cases using reports and rumors that have reached the web.

This particular design comes from Deani Hansen from Copenhagen, Denmark, and it makes use of a square shape, something very much inspired form Windows 8 and its tiled design.

See for yourself:

Makes sense, in many ways, how the Live Tiles are displayed.

As the images above show, the device runs a trimmed down version of Windows, but also makes use of a number of Windows Phone features, including Cortana the personal digital assistant.

HERE Maps, Messages and Skype are also in.

And while an email application is there, it’s almost excruciating to think anyone using their smartwatch to type up messages, what with the small display and keyboard.

On the whole, thought, this is a pretty feature rich presentation, of what a Windows watch could be.

What do you guys think?

Too much?

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