Windows Phone Update 2 Incoming, Build 14203 Sighted

Hard to deny that amid all the hoopla of Windows 10, Microsoft’s mobile OS is rarely making headlines. But Windows Phone Update 2, they say, is ready for action.

In fact, build 14203 of the mobile platform has been compiled.

This makes it a step above the current 14192 build that preview users are rocking right now, and word is that this could well be the Windows Phone Update 2 (or GDR2, if you will) release that was initially expected to be out during this time frame.

Towards the end of the year, that is to say.

Evidence of this has been spotted thanks to the Battery Saver app that was updated yesterday. The changelog for the application mentions build 14203, pointing towards a potential launch in the very near future, at least in preview form.

Update 2, for those of you out of the loop, was supposed to bring a number of handy improvements to the mobile operating system, including alphabetically sorted Settings menu.

Because you always need that, right?

There are bound to be a bunch of new features in Update 2, and the Battery Saver app above at least comes with a Live Tile now, along with options to add the app to the quick launch button in the Notification Center.

More, as it emerges.

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