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Internet Explorer 6 Still Alive And Kicking, Despite XP Retirement

I guess there must be something very special in using a 13 year...

Refreshed IE11 To Be Included In Windows Phone 8.1, Windows 8 Update

Redmond has done a splendid job modernizing its web browser on all platforms....

Firefox For Windows 8 Scraped, Mozilla Stops Development

Some miserable news to start the week, one that actually came out towards...

Researchers Break Into Firefox, Internet Explorer At Pwn2Own

Internet Explorer, along with Firefox and Safari become one of the handful of...

Microsoft Fixes 18 Internet Explorer Issues, Including Critical Zero-Day Flaw

The Internet Explorer team at Redmond has had a busy few weeks. The...

Internet Explorer 11 With Enterprise Mode For Windows 7 Rumored To Launch Soon

Windows 7 might have gone on the backburner for Microsoft just a fleeting...

Microsoft Talks About How It Created A New Font For IE11 Reading View

Internet Explorer 11 has gained some solid traction in recent months, and is...

Microsoft Said To Be Developing Internet Explorer For Android

Whoa, did not see this coming! Microsoft continues to bet big on Internet...

Microsoft Confirms IE8 Compatibility Mode For Internet Explorer 11 In Update 1

Windows 8.1 Update 1 is shaping up to be the release that rounds...

Internet Explorer 11 Is Now The Third Most Popular Browser In The World

What is a dose of operating system statistics, without a look at the...
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