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Business Users Get A Reprieve From Installing Windows 8.1 Update

At least, for a few good months. Historically, Microsoft has had a pretty...

Organizations Can Now Easily Sideload Apps In Windows 8.1

Sideloading is a term that might sound a little intimidating for some users....

Microsoft Unveils Enterprise Mobility Suite, Available May 1

Office was not the only big deal at the special Microsoft press event...

Microsoft May Introduce Its Enterprise Mobility Suite Tomorrow

Miramar. Although Microsoft is yet to confirm it in any capacity, that is...

Gain Complete Control Over Your Network Traffic With NetBalancer

SeriousBit has recently launched the final release of their NetBalancer service, which allows...

OneDrive For Business Officially Launched

Rebranding a high profile service like SkyDrive is not the easiest task in...

Small Business Owners Will Now Be Able To Buy Windows 8.1 Enterprise

What took Microsoft so long? Windows 8.1 is available in a whole bunch...

Eric Schmidt Surprised By High Tablet Adoption Rates In Enterprises

Google’s public face, Eric Schmidt is not someone that is easily surprised, or...

Microsoft Urges Businesses To Start Planning Their Windows 8.1 Deployment

The enterprise and corporate environment is one area where Microsoft’s newest platform is...

Windows XP Retirement Could Be Great For Enterprise PC Sales

It appears that desktop PCs may get one last hurrah. Windows XP is...
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