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Microsoft send out preliminary agenda for BUILD 2012 conference

Microsoft have released a few details of what we should expect at the...

I’ll be at SMB Nation 2012 next month

So I’ll be “working really hard” in Las Vegas next month when I...

BUILD 2012 announced for this October 30

BUILD 2012 baby! Microsoft have announced that they are hosting the second annual...

Steve Ballmer speaks at WPC 2012 – Video

Here’s some video taken at the Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference 2012. It shows...

Microsoft – Windows 8 is the new era for the PC plus

Well you can’t say Microsoft don’t believe in what they’re doing. At the...

Ballmer: we are not going to leave any space uncovered to Apple

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer said that Microsoft will continue to compete against apple....

Windows 8 on the road: Microsoft TechEd Europe 2012

Microsoft took Windows 8 to Amsterdam today at the Microsoft TechEd Europe 2012 conference....

New Video – Windows 8 Expert Panel at the MVP Nation Conference in Redmond

Well, remember I did that MVPNation conference in Redmond a few months ago?...

Visual Studio Live is in Las Vegas March 26-30. Coding and Vegas – what could be better?

The Visual Studio Live 2012 conference will be held in March in Las...

Inside CES 2012 – Nvidia Press Conference

Microsoft Windows 8 is coming to market, and it will run on ARM-based...
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