Windows 8 Themes Archive


Windows 8 RTM Start Screen backgrounds

More leaks and information about the Windows 8 RTM. Posted below are the...

Windows 8 RTM Wallpapers have leaked as well

It seems that the Windows 8 RTM wallpapers have leaked as well. They...

Four Windows Themes that I am liking right now

Microsoft released a bunch of new themes for Windows 7 that I really...

Well this is embarrassing, a Windows 8 desktop concept that’s a little too impressive?

*Sigh* So this is a case of very bad timing.. The Windows 8...

New windows 8 6 2 8220 wallpapers

In light of the fact that the Windows 8 Consumer Preview is on...

Top 3 Windows 8 Halloween Themes

I’m not into Halloween or whatever but this site is not about me...

New Windows 8 wallpapers from Deviant Art – Part 5

So, part 5 of our Windows 8 wallpapers from deviantART. One of the...

New Windows 8 wallpapers from Deviant Art – Part 4

We’re always looking for new Windows 8 related art. One of the best...

New Windows 8 wallpapers from Deviant Art – Part 3

So one of the things we do here from time to time is...
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