Windows 8.1

Icon Windows Store Large

Microsoft, Again, Removes Fake Apps From Windows Store

Spring cleaning? Perfect time for it. Microsoft have given the Windows Store another round of cleaning, removing several fake and low quality apps along the…

Lucoms Windows 8.1 PC

Microsoft Unveils Dongle Sized Windows 8.1 PC

How about a new Windows 8.1 PC? One the size of a dongle? With HDMI, USB and microSD ports for portability as well as connectivity?…

Windows Store App Crashes

Microsoft Fixes Widespread Windows 8.1 App Crash Issue

Things sure seem quiet ever since Microsoft dropped their policy of advanced notifications for Update Tuesday releases. However, the company did release a few patches…

Tabelt MOMO7W

MOMO7W Windows 8.1 Tablet Launches For Just $48

The question of how low can you go for Windows 8.1 tablets has been answered. The MOMO7W slate has taken things to a radical new…

Alaska Airlines Windows Tablets

Alaska Airlines Introduces Windows Tablets For Inflight Entertainment

Been quite some time since we’ve heard a success story for Windows tablets, but here is one to brighten things up. Alaska Airlines is the…

Windows 8.1 Desktop Clean

Partner Site Reveals Windows 8.1 Pricing For OEMs

Although the Windows 8.1 pricing scheme is not the biggest mystery in the world, things got rather interesting when Microsoft announced at BUILD 2014 that…

Windows 8.1 Windows XP Look

Windows 8.1 Made To Look Exactly Like Windows XP

What took them so long! Windows XP still powers some 18% of computers the world over, but the vintage platform is steadily losing users and…

Windows XP Windows 8.1

Chart Compares Share Of Windows XP And Windows 8.1

2014 just had to be a tough year for Microsoft as far as operating systems were concerned, what with the retirement of Windows XP and…

Windows 8 Windows Vista

More People Now Using Windows Vista Than Windows 8

And this is a good sign, believe it or not. Channeling a little Robert Ripley here! There is no shortage of people calling Windows 8…

Windows Store Trends November 2014

Lumia 520 Leads The Windows Phone Store In Downloads

The highly popular Lumia 520 is not only the champion in sales charts and market share graphs, but the budget handset also leads the Windows…

MSDN Windows 8.1 ISO November Update

Microsoft Publishes New Windows 8.1 ISO With November Updates

Almost all eyes are towards Windows 10 and what it will bring come 2015, but Microsoft certainly wants to further improve its current platform, that…

Xbox Video MKV Support

Windows 8.1 Gets Native Support For The MKV Format

Well, if you’re doing it, better do it right, I always say. Microsoft has been slowly working on bringing native support for the MKV format…

Net Applictations OS November 2014

Windows 8.1 Continues Improving Its Market Share

Another month, and another confirmation that Windows XP users are upgrading in droves. Windows 8.1 adoption continues, and Microsoft’s latest keeps growing its market share. New…

Windows Tablets Growth

Windows Tablets Post 67% Year Over Year Growth

While Microsoft has not yet been able to take the market share of Windows tablets beyond the 5% mark, the platform has shown some amazing…

November Update Avast Antivirus

November Update Breaks Down PCs Running Avast

So I guess the blame this time lies with AVAST Software, although they have been quick to respond with fixes for Windows 8.1 users using…


Windows 8.1 Now The Second Most Used Operating System

On the desktop side of things, but that’s where it counts, right? The modern operating system has finally taken over the previous behemoth Windows XP…

Windows 8.1 Update 3

Windows 8.1 Update 3 Now Available For Download

Quiet and easy, Microsoft. Quiet and easy. The software titan has just released Windows 8.1 Update 3, making it available as the November update to…

Net Applications OS October 2014

Windows 8.1 The Winner As Windows XP Posts Big Drop

The fortunes of two uniquely varying Microsoft operating systems swung wildly in October. Windows 8.1 adoption skyrocketed this past month, while Windows XP experienced its…


China Wants To Remove Windows From All Government PCs

I guess all the roads these past few months lead to this one reality. The Chinese government has outlined plans to remove Windows from all…

Yahoo Mail App Removed

Yahoo Mail App Removed From The Windows Store

One of the first big applications to launch on Windows 8, the Yahoo Mail app is no longer available for download from the Windows Store….