Windows 8 Control Panel Archive


Fax, Scan and Print in Windows 8

Printing and scanning documents are regular activities for an office employee, or maybe...

Windows 8 – Network and Internet – Internet Options

Internet Explorer, the internet browser built in Windows, is one huge beast. It...

Windows 8 – System and Security – Administrative Tools

This applet is solely for advanced users, who know to meddle with the...

Windows 8 – User Accounts and Family Safety – Credential Manager

All the computer users have one thing in common – remembering lots of...

Windows 8 – Appearance and Personalization – Display

This applet lets you manage your display settings like screen resolution, text size,...

Windows 8 – Clock, Language and Region – Language

Windows provides a plethora of languages to people who might not be comfortable...

Windows 8 – Appearance and Personalization – Folder Options

This applet gives you a refined control over the appearance of Windows Explorer....

Windows 8 System and Security – File History Applet

Suppose that you made several changes to a crucial document – let’s say...

Windows 8 – Network and Sharing Center – HomeGroup

Microsoft introduced HomeGroup in Windows 7 to enable easy sharing of data and...

Windows 8 Appearance and Personalization – Personalization

This applet lets you customize the overall look of your Windows 8 system....
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