Windows 8 PC Settings Archive


Windows 8 – Ease of Access – Speech Recognition

The traditional devices – keyboard, mouse, and now touch – aren’t the only...

Windows 8 – Ease of Access – Ease of Access Center

Using a computer can be tough for physically impaired people, who face difficulties...

Windows 8 PC Settings Sync Settings

This section is all about settings of Microsoft Account. These settings are applicable...

Windows 8 PC Settings – Wireless

You can manage all your wireless communication here. Wireless connections can include Wi-Fi,...

Windows 8 PC Settings – Windows Update

All software needs regular updates. Windows is no exception to this rule. This...

Windows 8 PC Settings – Users

This section contains settings to customize your user account. It also lets you...

Windows 8 PC Settings – Share

This is the place where you come to customize the Share Charm. You...

Windows 8 PC Settings – Search

This section basically manages your Search Charm. It contains all the settings that...

Windows 8 PC Settings – Privacy

The Metro apps have a tendency to use your private data like location,...
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