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What Would You Say To A 7-Inch Windows 8.1 Tablet With A Haswell Processor?

Things on the Windows powered tablet front are slowly starting to heat up,...
dell venue tablet small

Dell shows an 8 inch tablet – the Venue

At Intel’s annual developer conference today, Dell introduced an 8-inch tablet running Windows...

Microsoft Reportedly Testing Second Generation Surface Tablets

The thing about a devices and services concept is that a company has...

Windows 8.1 Preview Becomes Unusable In Portrait Mode On Some Devices

The much enhanced support for portrait mode that Microsoft has built specifically for...

Wal-Mart Starts Selling Surface Tablets

Microsoft is actively trying to clear inventories of its Surface slates in order...

New Energy Efficient Intel Haswell Chips Coming This Year

Intel has recently made its anticipated Haswell lineup of processors official, with units...

Windows 8.1 Preview Drops WiFi On Some Surface Pro Tablets

I guess it can be said with reasonable surety that the networking components...

AMD Shows Interest In Consumer Oriented ARM Solutions

Advanced Micro Devices reported its financial results for the second quarter of the...

New Microsoft Surface RT Commercial Again Goes After The iPad, Watch Here

Microsoft has just posted a revised version of a commercial that pitches its...

Steve Ballmer’s Devices And Services Concepts Starts Gaining Momentum

Microsoft CEO has occasionally been criticized in the media for his apparent lack...
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