Windows 8 Games Archive


Tetris Is Now The Third Most Popular Free Game In The Windows Store

Not that it was in ordinary or middling before the rise of mobile...

Minesweeper Finds Its Way For Windows RT

Before Minecraft, there was Minesweeper. The classic logic game has been included as...

90% Of Titles Over At Are Now Compatible With Windows 8

More than 430 classic titles are available on Good Old Games’ platform that...

Windows 8 Games – Games

Description Discover the hottest new games and download them to your PC and...

Windows 8 Games – National Flags Quiz

Description Test your knowledge of flags, capitals, countries and their well known places....

Windows 8 Games – Spam the Button

Description Spam the button by clicking/tapping the button as fast as you can...

Window 8 Games – Toilet Paper Game

Description Unroll the toilet paper with your hand. It’s very simple. Features Global...

Windows 8 Games – Block Breaker

Description Complete 30 different stages of Block Breaking fun by bouncing a ball...

Windows 8 Games – Catch’em Birds

Description Catch the birds and shove them back into the cage! Sounds simple...

Windows 8 Games – Bubble Wrap

Description Love popping bubble wrap but haven’t received any packages recently? No problem!...
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