Windows 8 Social Applications


Windows 8 Social – Askalll

Description Answer to multiple-choice questions and discover what others think at a glance! The affinity computing system based on all members’ answers reinvents the way of…


Windows 8 Social – Tweaker

Description Tweaker the Tweet Speaker allows you to passively listen to and watch tweet and photo activity from Twitter. While the “Tweaker” speaks Twitter activity it…


Windows 8 Social – UmShun

Description UmShun is a delightfully competitive multi-player um-word-counting diversion. Play against friends and other attendees at any conference or presentation. Get the most points by being…


Windows 8 Social – TLVstagram

Description This Social App gives you a colorful live collection of photos coming from the Instagram* network in real-time. The photos are grouped by their #tags,…


Windows 8 Social – Loclville

Description Let your voice be heard. Make something happen. Find like-minded people. Seek help among your neighbors. A community board that belongs to you, Loclville is the…


Windows 8 Social – Alpha

Description Alpha is a Omegle client which is a great way of meeting new friends. It is a one-on-one chat with a randomly picked stranger. Chats…


Windows 8 Social – MSMVPs Blog Reader

Description Microsoft MVPs are known for their contributions to technical communities. Many MVPs maintain blogs at These blogs encompass many Microsoft technologies. MSMVP’s Blog Reader…


Windows 8 Social – glƏƏk!

Description Get the coolest, fastest Twitter app for Windows 8! You will now be notified if Twitter is unhappy with your Time Zone or date/time settings, relieving…


Windows 8 Social – tMetro

Description tMetro – The Semantic Twitter Reader Want a more interactive way to check the news on your tablet, computer, or smartphone? Well, accessing information has never…


Windows 8 Social – Barb’s Connected World Blog Reader

Description Barb’s Connected World is a technology blog that showcases the connected home and the latest emerging technologies. Barb’s Connected World Blog Reader presents this content…


Windows 8 Social – HiredUp

Description Forget about maintaining multiple copies of your resume and updating it whenever it is time to look for work. Forget about browsing through thousands of…


Windows 8 Social –

Description Browse the best original content on, including articles and photography on travel, art, entertainment, food, and much more. Easily share cool content you find…


Windows 8 Social – Rowi

Description Rowi is an easy to use Twitter app for Windows with a clean and simple interface. If you are a serious Twitter user or a beginner,…


Windows 8 Social – FlipToast

Description FlipToast serves up an always on connection to your online social life. Interact and engage with your friends and family on Facebook and Twitter in…


Windows 8 Social – 微博

Description 新浪微博Windows 8官方客户端,分享微博改变你的生活。 专为Windows 8用户打造的新浪微博客户端,实现了阅读、发布、评论、转发、关注、搜索等主要功能,支持本地相机即拍即传,并支持锁屏状态新消息提醒。 Features 专为Windows8用户打造 支持锁屏状态消息提醒 支持本地相机即拍即传 支持’暗恋’功能,快速pin人到桌面 Link to:  微博 Cost:  Free Category:  Social Age Rating:  12+ Developer:  sina


Windows 8 Social – 人人

Description 人人网是中国领先的实名制社交网络平台。通过每个人真实的人际关系,满足各类用户对社交、资讯、娱乐等多方面的沟通需求。人人网Windows 8客户端整合了平台诸多特性,并在此基础上构建最新操作体验。将多种新鲜事类型、好友关系、相册及视频媒体等内容主体在新平台上予以展现,加强内容分享、状态发布、评论回复、快速上传、多张上传等用户内容传播方式,延续人人网SNS业务同时引导Windows 8社交体验新风暴。 Features 实名制的社交网络 好友新鲜事和动态 和好友紧密联系 在线相册 Link to:  人人 Cost:  Free Category:  Social Age Rating:  12+ Developer:  Renren Inc


Windows 8 Social – WNM Live

Description Chat with new people living near you LIVE! Over half a million people are using WNM to meet new people! WNM Live is a lot like…


Windows 8 Social – Puissance 4

Beschreibung En jouant seul, à deux, ou contre l’ordinateur, alignez 4 jetons de votre couleur pour remporter la partie ! Weitere Informationen Link to:  Puissance 4 Cost:  Free Category: …


Windows Store – Windows 8 Social – Tweetro

Description Twitter. Beautifully designed. From the creators of ‘Metrotube’ for Windows Phone, tweetro is an elegant Twitter app that’s simple to use yet packs plenty of features. Link…


Windows Store – Windows 8 Social –

Description CyandiaME is a SocialTV companion app that lets you: – Search your local cable or satellite program guide – Get schedule and episode information – Save a show…