Windows 8 Desktop Archive


Microsoft’s Future Is Bright…If It Plays Its Cards Right

Did Microsoft stumble with Windows 8? Was the dramatic overhaul of the Windows...

How I would change Desktop Mode in Windows 8

Microsoft Guru Paul Thurrott wrote a series of articles on how he would...

High-end Gaming PC Maker Origin fully embraces Windows 8 Technology

It seem that high-end PC gaming company Origin PC is now making the...

Acer Aspire 5600U and 7600U all-in-ones announced

I previously said that the PC desktop world is going to start shifting...

Attack of the All-In-Ones, Is the Desktop Tower Going Extinct?

Windows 8 hardware announcements have started to unveil a pretty clear picture, at...

Vizio is Serious About Pushing Into the PC World, Releases Several Windows 8 Devices

Previously known more for its TV and monitor line, Vizio seems to be...

Windows 8 has less pre-release users than Windows 7 did- Does it matter?

Yesterday I spoke a little about the survey that allegedly claims most users...

Dell release details of new Windows 8 Tablet, Ultrabook and All In One

Dell recently gave a sneak peek into their new line of tablets, ultrabooks and all...

Lenovo introduce the IdeaCentre A520 All In One

Lenovo is revealing yet another multi-touch all in one unit. This one is called...

Dell introduce the Windows 8 enabled XPS Duo 12

At IFA this week, Dell showed a new device called the Dell XPS...
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