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Microsoft: We Value The Desktop, It Is The Core Of Windows

A leisurely stroll is a gift, but when you stray too far away...

Windows 8.1 App Watch: Badaboom

Few know this, but Badaboom is the name of a very capable video...

Netcraft Research Reveals Windows XP Still Hosts Thousands Of Websites

Good grief! Microsoft will not be releasing any more updates for Windows XP...

A $60 Windows Powered Tablet Could Be A Reality This Year

There is affordable, and then there is dirt cheap. Guess which category these...

Need To Uninstall Windows 8.1 Update? Here Is How

Downloaded and installed Windows 8.1 Update? Liking it? Loving it? However if you,...

Windows XP Is Being Used On Nearly 3 In Every 10 PCs, Chart Shows

The Age of XP has come and gone, as Microsoft just rolled out...

Microsoft Introduces Windows 8.1 Update In New Video

Windows 8.1 Update took flight yesterday, and this latest refresh of the Windows...

Invitation to test – We’ll provide a $960 membership reward for your time.

Hi, it’s Onuora Amobi, the CEO of Learn About The Web. I’m also...

Windows 8.1 App Watch: Kingdoms & Lords

It only makes sense to talk about kingdoms on the day Windows XP...

Windows 8.1 Update Officially Released, Download Links Available

Bang on target, Microsoft has gone in and made Windows 8.1 Update available...
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