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Windows 8.1 Devices Can Now Save Storage Space Via WIMBoot Install Method

There are many that believe OEMs do not care about the free space...

Microsoft Releases A Short Documentary About The Windows XP Bliss Wallpaper

The most popular photo in the world is not some painting or a...

If Windows XP support is being provided to large organizations, why not end users?

The unthinkable has happened. We are now living in the post Windows XP...

Windows 8.1 App Watch: Archie Riverdale Rescue

There are comic book characters, and then there’s Archie. The beloved chap and...

Microsoft Drops Bing From Its Bing Apps On Windows Phone

Redmond has just updated its lineup of Bing apps on Windows Phone, and...

Acer Aspire Switch SW5 Hybrid Tablet Said To Be Arriving This Month

While the world is holding out for more information on dual boot Windows...

Microsoft Launches New Browser Game Escape From XP

You may have heard of Escape from Alcatraz, and Escape from Witch Mountain,...

Here Is The Video That Shows The Returning Start Menu In Action

One of the bigger news stories, at least in the world of computing...

Microsoft: We Value The Desktop, It Is The Core Of Windows

A leisurely stroll is a gift, but when you stray too far away...

Windows 8.1 App Watch: Badaboom

Few know this, but Badaboom is the name of a very capable video...
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