No New Windows 10 Insider Preview Builds This Week

It’s official, folks. Last week, a block bug ruined the launch plans of a new Windows 10 Insider Preview build, and now there is news that another show-stopping bug has been discovered. Which in simpler terms, means that there will be no new build this week. Monday, it is. Windows Insider Program chief Dona Sarkar provided some details in a


Microsoft Launches Its First Mixed Reality Series

No, not that kind of a series. We’re still a decade or two away from mixed reality taking over the television! But Microsoft certainly wants to keep working towards that goal of making it the next big platform for developers. To that end, the company has launched a new series that will highlight the developers that are working on


Xbox Wireless Adapter Delayed Until January 2018

It’s official, dudes. And dudettes. Microsoft, for some really suspicious reason, has decided to delay the launch of the new Xbox Wireless Adapter until next year. All the way to January 2018. There were voices claiming this fact, even as this new gadget was announced to debut this month. When the company announced this device, they pitched this as and new…


This Surface Phone Concept Will Make Everyone Look

Things have simmered down on the Surface Phone end, after years of swirling rumors. Likewise, for the concepts that the community used to create for this mythic device That may or may not make to the market within the next year or two. However, the world of technology continues to move on at breakneck speeds, and each new impressive development to…


Supercharge Your Windows 10 With TweakPower

There’s no shortage of system tweaking utilities available for Windows, and many have been updated to become compatible with Windows 10. TweakPower, is the new kid on the block, still in beta. And is particularly adept at all kinds of clean up, back up, and optimization duties. Fire up the program, and the first thing you’ll notice is the attractive look…


Lenovo Teases Its Windows Mixed Reality Headset

And what a tease it is! IFA 2017 is about to kick off in a few weeks, and it looks like Lenovo is coming locked and loaded. The company dropped a tease for its Windows Mixed Reality headset. That has been in the news for quite some time, and in development for even more. This video below not only shows off…


Surface Laptop Probably Available In Burgundy, Cobalt Blue

The colors of life! Microsoft may have nailed the hardware side of its new Surface Laptop, but the company is still struggling to make all models available in all colors. Word is that the Burgundy and Cobalt Blue Core i7 models are kind of, sort of, available. Finally. Of course, no mention from Redmond on this, but the Surface…


We All Could Do With A Samsung T5 External SSD

If you move large file around regularly, or like to carry them with you wherever you go, then the new Samsung T5 external SSD could well be the best thing you purchase this year. The Korean giant has made a name for itself in SSD storage. And although it’s internal SSDs are wonderfully capable, the company also creates some really delightful…


Intel Looks Far Into The Future With Ice Lake

The successor to the upcoming 8th generation Core processors, Coffee Lake, is currently in development at Intel under the codename Ice Lake. These 10nm CPUSs are expected to feature massive improvements. To the tune of anywhere from 15% to 30% over the 7th generation chips. Regardless, of whether and how they manage to deliver this level of performance remains to be…


Windows 10 S Support Enabled For The Surface Pro 4

So, this is what those updates were about. Why didn’t you say so, Microsoft? The updates that the company released for the Surface 4 Pro earlier this week are here to enable Windows 10 S support. These are the updates that took owners of the tablet by surprise. But apparently, all of them are focused on improving compatibility — with…


ASUS Launches Its First Windows 10 S Laptop

The age of Windows 10 S is upon us. Microsoft promised that a whole array of affordable laptops powered by this new version of the operating system will soon be released by OEMs. And now we have confirmation that the ASUS VivoBook W202 has landed. This makes it the first such devices from the company, and comes right after Lenovo made…


Windows Device Portal Getting A Bunch Of New Tools

You may or may not be aware of the Windows Device Portal. This useful little tool is designed to allow you to remotely manage and configure your devices over a network or a USB connection. Already quite a capable solution, the Portal is set for a refresh with the upcoming Fall Creators Update. Microsoft detailed the new features…


What To Expect From Microsoft At Gamescom 2017

Gaming will become the top focus for Microsoft in just one week from now. Gamescom 2017 is set to get underway later this month in Cologne, Germany, and expectations are high from Redmond. Not just for what it has in store for gaming on Windows 10, but the Xbox One X, too. Which is sure to be in the spotlight at…


Microsoft Releases .NET Core 2.0, Visual Studio 2017 Version 15.3

On what is sure to be a glorious day for programmers, Microsoft has officially released .NET Core 2.0, as well as Visual Studio 2017 version 15.3 to go with it. It was barely three months back that the company released the very first preview of .NET Core 2.0, marking it as an improved platform for developers to code their solutions…


More Surface Pro 4 Updates Arrive Without Release Notes

Releases notes, that is to say. The software titan continues with its policy of releasing updates for its products, like the Surface Pro 4 in this case, without any accompanying documentation. To the frustration of many. As a matter of pure fact, it was only last month that the company pushed an update for the tablet, without a mention or release…


Microsoft Will Soon Tell What’s The Holdup With New Builds

There’s news if you have been wondering when the next Windows 10 preview builds will make their way out of Redmond walls. Not good news, not bad news either, just plain old news. And that’s because even though there will be no new release today, Microsoft will share details on what is holding up the latest build. The software titan, as…


The Intel Being At Fault For Surface Story Was Fabricated

It sure looks like that. Someone somewhere may have fabricated the Intel being at fault for the Surface issues story, juicy new detail of which have just been revealed. The Surface line is the center of attention the past few days after it was deemed unreliable by a Consumer Reports survey recently. And we even got a look at an


Microsoft Hits Back At Consumer Reports In Internal Memo

You go, Panos Panay! Microsoft suffered a fairy big setback last week after a survey from Consumer Reports showed that its Surface devices were less reliable than most other brands. The company was quick to respond to this criticism. And now, the VP of devices at Redmond, Panos Panay, has shared some hard data that shows that the return…


Download The Official Twitch App For Windows 10

Months of experiments and beta testing have led to this moment. The moment when the official Twitch app for Windows 10 has been made available for download. It’s a desktop client, designed for both the Windows and Mac operating systems. And along with the usual set of functions, namely every function available on the web, this program also includes a bunch…


This Rugged Case Makes Your Surface Laptop Unstoppable

Urban Armor Gear sure do know how to make a case for themselves. The company has launched a rugged and lightweight case for the Surface Laptop, which is available for purchase now. Yes, it’s for that Windows 10 S powered machine. One that Microsoft has positioned for students, and anyone else that wants a no-nonsense laptop. According to the company, this case…