Chuwi Lapbook Air Incoming

Chuwi is no stranger to taking, what you might call inspiration, from other hardware makers in designing their creations. In fact, a case could be…


Windows 10 Will No Longer Trust Certificates From Two Chinese Companies

The two Chinese companies are currently embroiled in controversies where technology firms are deprecating their certificates, and Microsoft has now also joined in and made…

Lumia 640 XL Refresh

Microsoft Lumia 640 XL With Upgraded Hardware Incoming

Now this is something that you don’t see all that often. The Microsoft Lumia 640 XL phablet was officially unveiled last month at MWC 2015…

Lucoms Windows 8.1 PC

Microsoft Unveils Dongle Sized Windows 8.1 PC

How about a new Windows 8.1 PC? One the size of a dongle? With HDMI, USB and microSD ports for portability as well as connectivity?…

China Factory Workers

Microsoft To Shut Down Two Plants In China, 9,000 Affected

The Chinese Odyssey continues for Microsoft. Since the Nokia acquisition, the technology titan has been gradually cutting jobs and releasing its surplus workforce. No surprises here,…

Leak Lumia 1330 Size

Leaked Microsoft Lumia 1330 Photos Are All About The Size

Size matters, at least for phablets it does. Microsoft Lumia 1330 looks all set to continue the tradition of large screen Windows Phone devices, and…

Leak Lumia 1330 Back

Back Cover Shows Microsoft Branding In Leaked Lumia 1330 Images

Boy, the Lumia 1330 surely has taken over from a handset in limb, the McLaren, also known as the Lumia 1030. The former is leaked…


Chinese City Switches From Windows To NeoKylin

You learn a new thing every day! Apparently NeoKylin is the name of a Linux distribution, one that an entire Chinese city has moved to…

Lumia Denim Update

Microsoft Starts Shipping Lumia Denim Update

At least, for some users. If you have been looking forward to the Lumia Denim update, then make way for some good news. It appears…


Microsoft Fined $140 Million For Tax Evasion In China

Little trouble in big China? The Chinese odyssey seems to be coming to an end for Microsoft. With the investigation now concluded, the company can…

Leak Lumia 1030

New 5-Inch Windows Phone Leaks Out In Photos

Microsoft might be working on another new smartphone. Windows Phone leaks just don’t stop, and here we have details of a new member of the…

First Microsoft Lumia Device

Specifications Of First Microsoft Lumia Windows Phone Leak Out

Redmond has been awfully coy about the first Microsoft Lumia Windows Phone handsets that seems all set to go official in the coming weeks, but…

Microsoft Lumia Branding

Leaked Photos Reveal The First Microsoft Branded Phone

Microsoft has already made it official a couple of weeks back that it would be replacing the Nokia monikers on its Windows Phone devices with…

Week In Review

Week In Review (Oct 27 – Oct 31)

If the past couple of weeks were all about Windows 10, this one slowed things down on that front. Instead, Microsoft unleashed their first wearable…

China Linux Switch Begins

China To Switch 15% Of Government PCs To Linux Every Year

China is very much at war with Redmond. It may be a one sided affair, but the government of the country has been very aggressive…


China Wants To Remove Windows From All Government PCs

I guess all the roads these past few months lead to this one reality. The Chinese government has outlined plans to remove Windows from all…


Microsoft CEO Discusses Antitrust Dispute With Chinese Officials

Microsoft is having a bit of a torrid time in China, after being named in the group of companies that are currently being investigated for…


Chinese Authorities Defend Microsoft Investigation

Sure, you’re not. Chinese authorities may not like it but Microsoft enjoys a solid following in China, at least when it comes to the good…

Week In Review

Week In Review (Sep 1 – Sep 5)

From the cautious letdowns of the past week, to the pleasant highs of this one. The year’s IFA has been the reason of much joy…


China Said To Be Forcing Microsoft To Plead Guilty

China is a very protocol driven country, putting it mildly. They have their set rules, and they expect these rules to be followed. Microsoft and…