surface Pro 2 tablet

New Windows 8.1 commercial

Microsoft released a new commercial that shows some of the tweaks made in Windows 8.1. What’s particularly interesting is that Windows 8.1 is wisely not mentioned…

Surface Commercial 2

Second Surface commercial – Surface Pro 2 from Microsoft

Another promo video from Microsoft about the new line of Surface tablets. This one is a lot less artsy than the previous one today (Thank…

Surface Commercial

Meet the New Surface – New Microsoft commercial

Microsoft have released a new commercial for the new Surface line of tablets. Coined “Meet the new Surface”, the commercial is an artsy one that is…


Watch Microsoft’s New Windows Everywhere Ad Ahead Of Blue Launch

Windows Blue may almost be here, well, almost, but Microsoft is obviously thinking the big picture as far as its marketing efforts are concerned. The…


The new Surface Pro commercial – underwhelming I got asked about this one so I’ll post it here. I don’t like this commercial because it absolutely violates all the rules of marketing a…


New Surface Pro commercial is coming tonight

  At an event in Las Vegas this weekend, Microsoft’s Panos Panay premiered the new Jon Chu Microsoft Surface Pro ad. He unveiled the new Surface Pro…


Microsoft Readying Another Marketing Blitz For Surface Pro

The release of Windows 8 and the Surface lineup of tablets towards the end of last year was one of the most important events for…


Microsoft Windows 8 commercial – Party and everyone is invited

The fourth and…


More Microsoft Windows 8 video ads – Parkour

Yet another Microsoft…


Microsoft debuts new Surface TV ad

Microsoft will air it’s first ad for its Surface tablet this evening in the United States. The ad will air during Monday Night Football on ESPN….


The first Windows 8 commercial has aired

The first Windows 8 TV commercial has aired. It’s a pretty interesting spot that uses a cool countdown feature that stops (of course) at 8. The tagline…


Nokia release new video commercial mocking Apple iPhone 5

Nokia just released a new video ad that takes a shot at Apple’s selection of just two colors for it’s hit iPhone 5. In the commercial,…


HP Mystery tablet spotted in commercial – video

In a new video called “Make it matter”, toward the end, we see a man in a shirt and tie looking at an HP tablet. Thing…


New Nokia Lumia 900 commercial – Smart Phone Beta Test

A new ad from Microsoft/Nokia – this one is promoting the Nokia Lumia 900. It has the 30 Rock actor Chris Parnell in it and well……


Microsoft shed some light on Windows 8 Enterprise

Microsoft have opened up the kimono just a bit on features we can expect from the Windows 8 Enterprise SKU. This comes in an


New Microsoft commercial I do like – Skydrive

OK I just spent time talking about a Microsoft commercial that I didnt like, now it’s time to talk about one that I do…


Microsoft release new video commercial “it’s a great time to be a family”

Microsoft just released this new commercial showing their live video chat capabilities. The comparisons to Apple and their Facetime videos are obvious but akward at…